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Shrimp is holding very main effect in the life of this kind of food in people, and its practice has a lot of kinds, every kinds of practice is put in certain otherness, can choose the appropriate method that make according to the taste preference of oneself, oil of garlic fine and soft explodes shrimp is not among them namely constant a classical kind, appropriate at taste heavier crowd, those who steam white perhaps bright is squareShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Law suits the crowd with delicate taste more.

Refrigerant go how is head shrimp done delicious

One, how to pick fresh shrimp

When we are buying shrimp, must know how to discern its are fresh degree, eating what seafood eats is ” bright ” word, fresher shrimp flavour is more delicious also, can become bright conversely flavour all is broken and the flesh is qualitative ” mildew ” sodden. 1, bodily form bends. Current, a lot of friends like bodily form bent not quite shrimp comes edible, because such shrimp looks build commonly,basically be smaller, and not easy hull, but everybody does not know, fresh shrimp is end wanting a head complete, head end and body are linked together cheek by jowl, shrimp body relatively quite, those who have certain flexibility and flexibility, if the shrimp head of your choice and body, carapace and flesh are linked together lax, head remaining part is easy fall off or depart, irretentive its original flexibility, so it has very large possibility is Biedermeier shrimp, more possible it has been dead shrimp.

Refrigerant go how is head shrimp done delicious

2, body watch is dry. Fresh shrimp substance appearance is clean, feel with the hand have dry feeling. But deteriorate near when shrimp body when, a grain cell collapse that secretes mucus is solved, many mucus ooze is expressed to body, feeling have satiny feeling. If shrimp carapace is sticky hand, explain shrimp is already degenerative.

3, colour1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Color is bright. The sort of shrimp is different, its color also somewhat difference. Shrimp of fresh prawn, collect family name, careless shrimp is paly, the sea catchs prawn to show pink, rings shrimp, base surround shrimp to black white decorative pattern is taken slightly pink. If shrimp head is nigrescent,be Biedermeier shrimp, whole shrimp color is not blacker, bright, also explain to had deteriorated.

4, fleshy case is connected closely. Between new shrimp case and shrimp flesh sticky very close together, pare with the hand when flesh extraction shrimp, shrimp flesh sticky hand, need pares with ability of a few strength a bit shrimp carapace. The shrimp bowel organization of fresh shrimp and shrimp flesh are sticky also closer, if appear,the pine leaves a phenomenon, show shrimp is not fresh.

5, without peculiar smell. Fresh shrimp has normal fishy smell, if have peculiar smell smelly, explain shrimp is degenerative already. In addition, safe sanitation should notice when having shrimp. Shrimp may be contained be able to bear or endure the bacterium of microtherm, helminth, although dip in,vinegar, mustard also cannot kill them completely, because of the edible after this proposal is squashy. The shrimp that does not have should be put into freezer cold1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
Tibet, need to heat before edible again.

Refrigerant go how is head shrimp done delicious

2, practice introduction

1, do garlic into garlic Chengdu.

2, the back from shrimp first shrimp sliver, clean, even tile is on small dish, asperse equably on a few weak salt. (The friend with knife not quite good work can use scissors to cut open shrimp carapace first, reoccupy knife shrimp flesh sliver) attention: Shrimp cannot one divides into two, should be together repeatedly among.

3, with Chengdu of oily cruel garlic, putShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Enter right amount salt.  

4, it is tile of Chengdu of cruel good garlic above shrimp.

5, heat boiled water, the shrimp evaporate of Chengdu of good the shop garlic is controlled 5 minutes, the color that sees shrimp turns for orange, shrimp flesh is to suckle white ripe.

The daily life of a family of aspic shrimp practice

Oily explode shrimp

Material: Shrimp 300 grams, green 2 root, garlic 3 valve, ginger 1 small, chili 11000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Flavoring: Wine 1 big spoon, soy 2 big spoon, candy half big spoon, vinegar half big spoon, clear water 3 greatly spoon

1, shrimp is cut after clean beard is full abluent, explode quickly with oil of 5 big spoon after frying, fill piece.

2, green, ginger, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Garlic, chili is mincing.

3, fry sweet green, ginger, garlic and chili with oil of 2 big spoon, shrimp cook again, join all flavoring to burn tasty, shang Zhishou works to be filled namely piece.

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