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Mention wine, unfamiliar to can not feeling for a lot of friends, because can be drunk everyday almost. When drinking with a few close friends especially, be very happy and special happiness. Of course, what this kind of thing cannot drink wine is too much, also can bring a few harms to the body otherwise, can bring about liver to be harmed tremendously even, suffer from on the disease such as fatty liver. So, can be cooking wine replaced with rice wine?

Are rice wine and cooking wine same?

Cooking wine cannot be replaced with rice wine.

Because cooking wine is medium,contained basis is cent of yellow rice or millet wine, candy, dextrin, organic acid kind, amino acid, ester kind, aldehyde kind wait, the action of cooking wine is to be used increase alimental fragrance, go raw meat or fish solves be bored with, the battalion nurturance with those because cooking wine is medium indispensible at the same time human body that contain a lot ofis divided, still can reduce cooking to be opposite even of the chlorophyll in vegetable destroy.

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main raw material is polished glutinous rice, it is to use the polished glutinous rice with ripe evaporate (polished glutinous rice) ferment a kind when make and become sweet rice wine, rice wine and cooking wine are both between not anyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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associated place, cannot replace cooking wine with rice wine so.

Are rice wine and cooking wine same?

Patulous data:

Can have with what will replace cooking wine:

1, yellow rice or millet wine:

The main raw material of cooking wine is yellow rice or millet wine, when doing not have cooking wine really, can be replaced temporarily with yellow rice or millet wine, but just also replace temporarily merely, after all cooking wine is yellow rice or millet wine continues to machine and be become, cannot replace completely, it is OK to can say to do not have some moments really only yellow rice or millet wine is replaced first.

Are rice wine and cooking wine same?

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, high-grade Shaoxing wine:

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High-grade Shaoxing wine is to belong to ferment the yellow rice or millet wine in wine, chinaShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The strange flower in yellow rice or millet wine. Choose superior polished glutinous rice, high grade Mai Qu, complementary with Jiang Zheming the lake water of clean settleclear clear, make with wine of ancient magic art, again lay aside with time, generation gives distinctive local color and rich nutrition.

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