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Grapefruit a lot of people prefer this kind of fruit eat, also some people like to eat not quite. Above all, there can be a few when the flavour of grapefruit has sweet, some moment have a few pain, so natural somebody likesLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Somebody does not like. Next, grapefruit very popular, still basically be the issue that it can help people solve respect of a few bodies, than as above fire can eat grapefruit to be defeated relieve inflammation or internal heat etc. So, how is grapefruit skin pickles done?

How is grapefruit skin pickles done?

Above all, it is the processing of grapefruit skin:

Grapefruit skin is very hard, take directly use and not delicious. There is central heating in north, put grapefruit skin in the drying on central heating commonly. When doing not have central heating, natural air is OK also. When using, want to be sent with the bleb that clean out rice first, wait for grapefruit skin to suck full moisture to be squeezed again dry, such 3 arriveForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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4, dry moisture is squeezed after be being cleaned with clear water finally, change a knife to become trigonometry piece or echelon piece.

How is grapefruit skin pickles done?

The 2nd pace, be grapefruit skin flavor:

Condiment has — pink of essence of soy, white sugar, chicken, the five spices. Soy dosage wants to be able to have done not have grapefruit skin, be afraid of bitter white sugar can be put more slightly some. Move flavoring into juice to reserve first. Every two white flesh are in the grapefruit skin that has cut relatively the yard in container is nice, the juice of mix up is irrigated inForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Above. Grapefruit skin is lighter, flavor juice is like float of too much meeting to rise, right amount can.

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How is grapefruit skin pickles done?

The 3rd pace: The evaporate that is grapefruit skin makes:

The boiler size of the container that fills grapefruit skin and choice wants appropriate. Traditional pattern is old father is in heat up the evaporate when the meal everyday, want evaporate a lot of days. Should OK evaporate is goodFall in love with the sea

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, but too cost the sources of energy, had not tried. It is OK also to be made with high-pressured boiler evaporate, but should note pressure size, assure safety. I should go to work, impossible evaporate is too long, chose to avoid the stew that boil to burn boiler. Inside right amount water is put inside the boiler of boiler, the container that packs grapefruit skin sits on water. Before going to work in the morning everyday, burn boil in a covered pot over a slow fire the boiler inside boiler is burned on natural gas ingle, encircle to the bottom aglow, put into stew to burn boiler outer pot next, on the stew after covering close one day. Repeat again in the evening, stew it one in the evening. Before heating afresh every time, want to turn over grapefruit skin carefully, fluctuation transposition makes sure flavor is even, the grapefruit that the attention is not opposite two two-phase leather piece throws into confusion apart. The steam after a few days comes grapefruit skin is cortical soft sodden, it is OK to be placed gently with the chopstick clip comes down, this considers do good.

The grapefruit skin pickles that has done is salty in the belt is bitter, in suffering small sweet, faint scent is appetizing. Put in vitreous bottle or small terrine, can store for a long time in ark of freezer cold storage.

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