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Mention pineapple most propbably authority is not new, pineapple is one kind has sick at heart sweet the fruit of mouthfeel, got a lot of peopleShanghai Long Feng forum

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Group love, but the distinction that pineapple honey and pineapple are having essence however. Pineapple honey also is called jackfruit, have move and the appearance with similar pineapple and mouthfeel, but its breed however somewhat difference. Pineapple regards a fruit as edible mostly, but pineapple honey is used to however in a lot of moment serve as sweetmeats or fastfood. Someone is taking the symptom that suffer from excessive internal heat appears after pineapple is sweet, is this how to return a responsibility?

Jackfruit get angry

What person cannot eat pineapple honey?

1, diabetic avoid eats

Many candy component is contained in pineapple honey, diabetic person insulin secretes inadequacy, time cannot be reached to solve many candy to divide after eating pineapple honey, outside can bringing about candy to distribute system of eduction of the fluid that follow make water.

2, inside heat constitution avoid eats

Constitutional crowd is heated up inside original easy get angry, and pineapple honey belongs to hot sex fruit, this kind of crowd eats pineapple honey to bring about accentuation of symptom of suffer from excessive internal heat easily.

3, constitutional avoid takes allergy

Eat pineapple honey to cause allergic reaction easily originally, nature is not to eat pineapple honey.

Jackfruit get angry

Pineapple honey and what food photograph are overcome?

1, cannot be the same as with honey eat

Pineapple honey is compared relative to moisture little, candy cent, if eat together with honey, honey and the molecular structure with sweet pineapple can produce reaction each other, can expand ceaselessly, make a few gas, the burden of aggravating intestines and stomach, cause easily bilge the symptom such as gas, full abdomen, diarrhoea, serious word still can cause death possibly.

2, cannot be the same as with cold sex boiled water eat

When eating pineapple honey, can drink water, but do not drink cold sex boiled water, be like green tea, a variety of oolong tea. Especially green tea, both feed together may bring about the body unwell, the phenomenon of occurrence collywobbles. Because pineapple is sweet the gender is hot, and green tea also is cold sex drink, both the circumstance nature that at the same time edible can bring about bellyacke diarrhoea is aggravating.

3, cannot be the same as with Bai Luobo eat

Vitamin C is contained a lot ofin pineapple honey, and vitamin C ferment is contained in Bai Luobo enzymatic, both if be being fed together, may affect the absorption of vitamin C, reduce its nutrition value.

4, cannot be the same as with fruit of suffer from excessive internal heat eat

Pineapple honey is the fruit with hot sex originally, take much easier suffer from excessive internal heat, if return the fruit that takes additionally a few easy suffer from excessive internal heat at the same time, of course more make the anger inside body greater. So, pineapple honey is unfavorable eat together with food of other get angry, for instance litchi, longan, Durian, Gong Jie, mango.

Jackfruit get angry

Eat pineapple honey what to profit there is?

1, promote digest

The pulp part of pineapple honey contains cent of adipose, candy, protein, and pineapple still contains a kind to compare similar ferment with gastric juice in sweet fruit juice, can rise to disclose protein intention, help intestines and stomach is digested.

2, clear intestines and stomach

Some pineapple protein are contained in pineapple honey, can rise to clear effectively the action of intestines and stomach, and increase intestines and stomach wriggle.

3, stop yearningly

The pulp of pineapple honey, taste clear sweet goluptious, wet one’s whistle goes dry, make a person clearFall in love with the sea

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Bright is comfortable, can help satisfy one’s thirst.

4, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Hairdressing is raised colour

In pineapple honeyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Rich vitamin B a group of things with common features and other microelement, can remove alimentary skin, prevent the skin weather-shack, the action of moist hair, white to the United States, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Fight knit etc is effectual. And if at the same time the pulp pineapple honey treats as,face film is used, its fruit juice to removing senile plaque also be helpful.

5, reduce weight thin personally

The vitamin content in pineapple honey is very rich, and still contain many mineral part, can help promote digest absorb, and the pineapple protein that its contain also is to be able to remove certain precautionLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Of the occurrence of adipose and deposit phenomenon, so thin to reducing weight body has certain help.

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