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According to Chinese net, han intermediary says, turn over Han as China, turn over optimistic mood to upsurge with each passing day, carefree career again and again suffocate suffocate, korea is carefree group president Xin Dongbin also can no more sit by and watch no matter, appear personally personally make known one’s position. Local time 23 days, xin Dongbin is being accepted ” wall street daily ” when interviewing, state I have deep lov爱上海

e for China. We (carefree) special hope is in China begin professional work, call China ancestral native land.

Xin Dongbin explains in interview, if the government asks like carefree group such illicit look forward to abandons a land one (use at) of deploy Sa heart, so the option that he thinks this enterprise did not reject a government.

Xin Dongbin says, carefree about 5 billion dollar invested in China, 25 thousand employee are had in China. Make an appointment w上海千花网论坛

ith in carefree sale amount 10% come from China. Xin Dongbin admits at present the method that he did not dissolve predicament,上海同城对对碰交友社区

the between insecurity in hoping the new president that Korea general election was born on May 9 can help alleviation Han however concerns, for carefree restore to be in China business clears away an obstacle.

Additional, personage of some high level still represents carefree group: Although be in unusual times now, but will continue to invest to China henceforth.

Rose on March 24, in the carefree general merchandise that is located in Shou Erming hol上海千花网

e the Chinese tourist such as this inn, 7-11 advantage inn collects more business to encircle, everywhere because understand,paste wears what write with Chinese, the word that awaits so. Meanwhile, and other places of anteroom of the front door mouth in inn of room of silkworm of carefree general merchandise, client, indoor corridor, automatic staircase, everywhere writes the placard that has same statement it is thus clear that.

Chief expresses related carefree group: This is to hope the contradiction between two countries is dissolved at an early date, restore as soon as possible former days affiliation. Han intermediary also understands his to carry out Korea formally to swim for China after the ban, inn of carefree general merchandise and duty-free inn sales volume drop point-blank. To this, carefree be enlightened cross上海千花网

es this act to had been shown to China and Chinese tourist, long for a Sino-South Korean Chinese tourist is entreated not to上海千花网交友

undertake banning to its while the relation restores at an early date.

Han intermediary report says, carefree Ma is in especially China the door inn of half above is compelled close down, capital is critical. 24 days, carefree group decision is Korea its China branch is urgent carry 360 billion Han yuan (add up to 2.219 billion yuan of RMB about) capital, in order to alleviate carefree Ma is at present special break down in the round condition. In addition, carefree Ma still will be in especially China legal person delegate is changed entirely for the Chinese, executive this locality changes the strategy.

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