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When study abroad, b爱上海同城

ao Meng (right 3) discuss a group to work together in the library and classmate.

Current, china already greeted the most large-scale sea to put in tide ‘s charge, large quantities of going abroad the student that study abroad goes back to the motherland in succession obtain employment. “90 hind ” the sea returns to already held quite large proportion. So, they how him look upon does the sea return the identity and study abroad experience? How are they to face the life after going back to the motherland and job?

Acknowledge one:

Study abroad experience does not bring advantageous sense

Talk by actual strength even in the job

Go back to the motherland in succession in large quantities of student studying abroads below the circumstance of obtain employment, the sea puts in the identity ‘s charge already the aureola of emperor of Phoebus of come out former times, they want and talent mart to apply for a job is entered like domestic college graduate, the do all one can in on-the-job field goes all out in work. In interview, most student expresses, the sea puts in the identity ‘s charge and can not bring advantageous sense to oneself, be in the job or pay attention to individual ability.

Huang Taojun of 26 years old is graduated from British button to block Si Er university this year. Afte阿爱上海同城

r going back to the motherland 2015, she is in company of a medicine of Shanghai to pursue job of medical research and development. Put in tide ‘s charge to the sea, huang Taojun is having profundity to experience, “I am gone back to the motherland obtain employment after graduation of more and more student studying abroad in Shanghai personal feeling. Major sea puts in Dou Chong ‘s charge to go up into north city of wide deep a gleam of. Major sea puts in Dou C上海贵族宝贝论坛

hong ‘s charge to go up into north city of wide deep a gleam of..

Ask about how him look upon the sea puts in the identity ‘s charge, huang Taojun thinks, “The sea returns ” it is a label only, follow actually ” graduate student ” , ” 985 ” wait for label it doesn’t matter to differ. “‘ the sea returns ‘ no more than expresses to have namely study abroad setting. We know, the level of domestic school has the fraction with small high school, foreign school is actually same also. Someone says ‘ abroad those who come back is to spend money buy diploma ‘ , also someone says ‘ abroad the certain a cut above other people that come back ‘ , the extreme sex of these conclusion clearly. Return as the sea, or objectively him look upon is better. Or objectively him look upon is better..

Just studied abroad from the United States last year returning Xiaocheng (alias) the view that having likeness. She thinks the sea puts in the identity ‘s charge to won’t bring advantageous sense to oneself, talk by actual strength even in the job. “Home also is talent many. Look to ask much study ability is kingcraft more more in the job. ” Xiaocheng says.

Be graduated from the Anpudu austral England the Bao Meng of the university thinks, the success that the sea puts in the identity ‘s charge to cannot represent an individual, indemonstrable also whether to have outstanding capacity, just make clear ever one paragraph studies abroad experience just. “I feel previously ‘ the sea returns ‘ be bright the capacity that has actual strength quite again, but some closer year study abroad because various reasons and purpose go abroad,thermal conductivity sends too much person study abroad. The ability that the sea puts in personnel ‘s charge and 上海千花网

quality are uneven also. ‘ the sea returns ‘ the identity already scene no longer, common. After entering working unit especially, all identities are met desalt. Important still is ability and experience. The colleague hopes you are an efficient working associate; Working unit also pays close attention to your individual ability to be able to bring how many benefit only. These can use working achievement to上海千花网交友

prove only. One paper record of formal schooling is very cadaverous at this time. ” Bao Meng says.

Acknowledge 2:

Study abroad experience widened eye shot

Promoted oneself to get used to ability

Receive Wu Yi a person of extraordinary powers covering a return is to be in night at 1 o’clock. Busy job makes he can be in only face before sleeping, accept interview, evening still is gotten because of the reply between utterance and taking trifling apology. After this sea of 24 years old returns to graduated last year, go back to the motherland, in Shanghai an attorney office found a good job. Although often stay up late,work overtime, time casts the individual that wants a much to finish onerous working job, but Wu Yi a person of extraordinary powers expresses to be able to accept present position, at the same time he can pack a fixed time, arrange a few things that oneself like to do, will alleviate with this pressure.

Refer studies abroad experience, wu Yi a person of extraordinary powers states the impact to oneself is very big. “During study abroad, 10 countries that I go to Europe undertake itinerary with study. This widened my eye shot, shaped my acknowledge to the world and view afresh. After going back to the motherland again look upon any problems, the manner that can try include with a kind goes understand and be being experienced. Additional, study abroad the ability that experience enhanced me to live independently, and the ability that gets used to new environment quickly. ” besides, the means method of the problem thinks in what during studying abroad, form, business of the processing in working to him is very helpful also.

Xiaocheng also expresses, oneself present suiting capability is very strong. After high school of this Chongqing girl graduates, go abroad study abroad, beijing runs quickly continuously after graduation went back to the motherland last year, enter company 上海同城对对碰交友社区

of intermediary of one handed down from the older generations of the family to be engaged in collecting arrange the job. “My major is law, but in the school when I am very interested in medium. Although dispute this professional obtain employment, but still be in go back to the motherland the job was found inside a week, and blended in new environment very quickly. And blended in new environment very quickly..

When studying abroad, light is a paragraph of valuable life experience. Every student has different results, but the author in be being interviewed understands to be nodded jointly — once was in alone strange life promoted the suiting that the sea puts in ‘s charge capability.

Acknowledge 3:

Study abroad experience aids force to find the job

But also need timely adjust a target

In interview, the author understands, many students are in after entering duty field truly, the place when just realising the knowledge that during studying abroad, learns and job needs between still have certain difference, need adjusts a target in the job, learn new thing to need in order to get used to the job ceaselessly at the same time.

The first job that after Huang Taojun goes back to the motherland, pursues is medical research and development has in the lab, but she realizes in working process, the end that student period places does not suit him actually. Then she goes up in website of each big invite applications for a job afresh deliver resume, find new job finally went to another company. “Worked probably time of half an year, because I must reconsider healthy problem,the profession develops. When finding new job, the experience before having, obtain employment target is more specific, also had deeper knowledge to major. ” Huang Taojun says.

Bao Meng also discovers in process of to apply for a job, reality is not the appearance in him imagination, then timely made adjust. “I am very interested in game industry, net type ground begins to cast resume, net after going back to the motherland so explain, around joined company of a lot of game, final pitch on appears on the market game firm practices. But, I discover after the job, the personnel fluidity of game industry is very great. Although profit is sizable, but want susceptive risk and pressure very big, with oneself before of expect very different. Below the proposal of family, I transform gradually idea, incline to at seeking a more steady job. Pass much square balance finally, the international communication branch that I choose orgnaization of a scientific research works, be in charge of the contact of international collaboration project, organization and management. Be in charge of the contact of international collaboration project, organization and management..

(Photograph by suffer the person that visit to offer Hao Yang of n/arc drafting Han)

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