The burst of Michael Er shellfish is big yesterday ” be out of shape King Kong 5 ” just affirm title is final knight, film has heavy pound new information again now commentate piece. ” be out of shape King Kong ” the official is pushed announce, ever was in ” be out of shape King Kong ” the before 3 personate in the ministry Knox the Qiaoshenduhaming of Captain, will in series add of the 5th relay goes out perform this role.

After the message is released, woerbaige follows mark of film main actor very quickly push those who welcome Duhaming to join, and him Du Haming also confirmed this one information: Knox Captain reports for duty! Let us begin. Qiaoshenduhaming is in ” be out of shape King Kong ” before 3 medium handsome soldier figure loves by vermicelli made from bean starch, but change blood greatly in an actor ” be out of shape King Kong 4 ” in, du Haming did not go out act.

Additional, michael Er shellfish releases two nearsightedness frequency in date of individual Instagram Zhang several days ago, the hero of video is to ever was in ” be out of shape King Kong ” before 3 go out in the ministry perform sergeant Gibson of black actor Tai Ruisi. He gives himself to want regression in the expression in video ” be out of shape King Kong ” the apiration of series, because feel ” be out of shape King Kong ” very cruel, big setting, specially good effect is like cruel of the dazzle like blackart, to me this dispute often is experienced interestingly. Gibson returns mark of propaganda to the enemy at the front line Woerbaige takes good gun, I get ready attended a war.

Look, ” be out of shape King Kong 5 ” besides in order to prop up day column, outside giving priority to a line 5 times quite, the regression of before 3 important minor role is series of will whole set rises more, be out of shape the structure of King Kong universe will be older.

The gut that the government discloses before the basis, ” change 5 ” the story can happen in earthly He Yuzhou two spaces, it is at the same time with Kaideyigeer (Woerbaige acts the role of mark) the mankind that give priority to, will facing across of coming new minatory; together with dinosaurian King Kong is to prop up day column to search for its in aerospace ruler is blamed 5 times, also be confinement of hunter of its clique money reward everywhere raid cacique, and the column that prop up a day will encounter great emperor of universe of super villain in drama during transit.

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