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If we had undertaken professional sport grooms, soFall in love with the sea

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Know we are in ran, walk or among the contest, a few special kind can reduce the burden with skeletal perhaps body. For example walk. So, among daily life, where is ran calcaneal or tiptoe touchdown? Actually, generally speaking, our motion is measured and very won’t big, so what part first touchdown does not have too big concern.

Ran calcaneal still is tiptoe touchdown

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The advantage of palm touchdown:

To the protective action of knee

Before ① sufficient fall1000 beautiful nets of ShanghaiSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The ground is meant, sufficient ministry tendon group enter this amortize process with ginseng following tendon, this is sufficient cannot offer with be born place.

② at the same time, the wallop when sufficient fall to the ground also can avoid calcaneal be born before to knee part deliver directly.

Ran calcaneal still is tiptoe touchdown

Before sufficient fall to the ground not by all-pervading reason

The ran pose of sufficient fall to the ground before actually coach of a lot of ran can emphasize, but a long time awaits us and cannot accomplish very much, was not gained ground to have a crucial reason!

To the requirement of speed

Next, tiptoe be born can form similarForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
At the construction with avian sufficient retroflexion, this is special interest at speed can save. (but this has a premise, that is you take a step every time the pace Cheng with must be had certain and speed, ability makes sure your point of fall is located in after your centre of gravity is perpendicular and umbriferous. )

Ran calcaneal still is tiptoe touchdown

Of course, rapidder rate and bigger step, do not suit the person that run first absolutely. That is meant hard pilot is shorter ran duration, also accompany at the same time1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The move is bigger get hurt odds. In addition, before sufficient run the law because touchdown area is small, taller to the requirement of landform, this are in of Everyman in taking exercise daily, also achieve hard.


So, if you are a novice, below the premise that has protected oneself, traditional sufficient with run law or very suit is actual.

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